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Meet LRES, A Property Management Company

  • Welcome to LRES Property Management, a firm brought to you by Luker Properties Group, a multifaceted real estate and management company with over 20 years of success and experience serving the Orlando metropolitan area.
  • A leader in Central Florida’s Property Management market, dedicated to providing owners and tenants the most profitable opportunities and best customer service. We are among the top property management companies in Central Florida, committed to delivering exceptional service.
  • Founded by the Luker family, and grounded in its strong roots, we, at LRES, are here to serve you. As a leading Central FL Property Management company, we tailor solutions to meet your needs, whether it involves finding your next investment property, optimizing your investment portfolio, or offering guidance on diversifying and maximizing your investments.
  • At LRES, we value building personal connections and consistently prioritize your best interests. We aim to become your go-to team for all property management in Central Florida, striving to exceed your expectations. With our dedication to honesty, loyalty, and integrity, we promise professional expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to treating you like family.
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A leader in Central Florida’s Property Management market,dedicated to providing owners and tenants the most profitable opportunities and best customer service.

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The LRES Mission

Our mission as property management experts is to utilize our combination of industry knowledge and customer service to enhance your experience and streamline the process for owners and residents alike. Our team has invested in the best technology, providers, and vendors to supply you with optimum services, enabling us to manage your property and/or portfolio, both efficiently and effectively.


    What Our Clients Say About Us

    “We have used Luker for 4 years now, and more closely for the last year having used them for long term rental of our house in Orlando. They provide excellent advise and guidance and we know we can trust them fully and we highly recommend them. We have recently met Jack and reviewed our property and witnessed first class communication with him and the tenants. We can be rest assured that the house is being looked after and in good hands.”

    Sarah and Nick TurnerInvestor

    “Working with Luker Properties Group ensures that all of our bookkeeping needs will be up-to-date and easily accessible on line any time so that we can stay within our target budget and keep cost low. It’s been a great asset to work with a property management service focused on saving me time and money”.

    Li S.Investor

    “As a buy-and-rent investor, I have been working with the Luker’s for over a year acquiring and renting out single-family homes in Orlando. Not only do they provide great service, they are good agents with integrity and sound judgment”.

    Stan C.Investor

    “I have worked with Luker Properties Group for the last 6 years. I have a rental portfolio of approximately 40 properties that the Luker’s handle all aspects of from purchase, to rental to an eventual sale. The ability of the Luker team to not only find and sell the units but also manage the properties has been an ideal fit for me and my company. I would strongly recommend considering Luker Properties Group for your rental portfolio needs”.

    Phillip M.Investor


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    1508 E. Concord Street

    Orlando, FL 32803

    Phone: 321-244-2542